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Rasha Anwar

Director of Irlen Egypt Center,

Certified Irlen Screener

Ms. Rasha Anwar is the first and only Certified Irlen Screener in Egypt and the Director of Irlen Egypt Center, which is the sole center in Egypt authorized from Irlen Institute in the USA.


Ms. Anwar has around thirty years of intensive experience in the areas of finance, management, and research. In her quest to support her bright child who yet has challenges of ADHD and Learning Difficulties, she read about Irlen Syndrome. Digging into it, she found how much it could hinder the reading abilities and writing skills, cause physical symptoms, distort the surrounding environment as well as cause light sensitivity and a depth perception problem. She also has been greatly inspired by the amazing achievement of Ms. Helen Irlen who created the Irlen Method for treating those distortions. The color technique she invented has transformed the lives of more than a million people around the world.


Ms. Anwar found it most unfortunate that Irlen Syndrome is unheard of in Egypt while it has been known in 45 countries worldwide, and its method has been applied for more than three decades. It also has been applied for 15 years in Jordan and the Gulf countries. Ms. Anwar accompanied her son for screening in Jordan in June 2013.


Realizing how helpful it is in unleashing the capabilities of desperate children, she has considered it her personal mission to raise awareness about it in Egypt and participate in freeing silent sufferers and safeguarding their rights to learn. Accordingly, she decided to switch her career path and get the training needed to qualify as an Irlen screener.


In order to solidify her knowledge from long parenting experience, she enrolled in August 2013 for a training course in “Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties” from Notting Hill College’s branch in Cairo. She became eligible for Irlen screening training and attended a training course in Amman, Jordan, in October 2013. She became a licensed screener and has been authorized by Irlen Institute to work under their name in Egypt in November 2013. In December 2013, she took her first step in creating awareness utilizing social media. She created the Irlen Egypt page on Facebook with followers currently reaching more than 800. Her dream started to materialize by launching the Irlen Egypt center in February 2014. Since then, Ms. Anwar has paid all efforts to create awareness about Irlen Syndrome and the Irlen Method. She holds seminars in schools, centers offering services for struggling students, and social clubs.


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