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Al-Masriya Interview


The first part of a thorough interview with Mrs. Rasha Anwar talking about how she discovered the presence of Irlen Syndrome and the path she took to introduce the ways of dealing with it in Egypt.

Channel: Al Masriya-Egyptian Satellite Channel

Language: Arabic

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Mrs. Rasha Anwar's first interview on national Egyptian television presenting Irlen Syndrome to the public.

Channel: NILE TV

Language: English

Nile TV Interview


The first introduction of Irlen Syndrome and the Irlen Method in Egyptian media on the popular TV program "Religion and Life", presented by Doaa Amer on "Al Hayah channel (1)".


Prof. Dr. Ehab Eid , a professor of behavioral medicine at the Faculty of Medicine , Ain Shams University, explained Irlen syndrome and the symptoms felt by those who suffer from it, and in particular, the distortions that occur on the printed page, which cause difficulty in reading.


He also praised Mrs. Rasha Anwar's efforts to introduce this method of treatment to Egypt by traveling to Jordan and obtaining the necessary training to become the first Irlen Syndrome certified screener in Egypt.


Dr. Ihab emphasized the role that can be contributed by Irlen Syndrome treatment in alleviating the symptoms of dyslexia (reading difficulties) and autism.

Dr.Ehab Eid Interview


The second part of the interview " How We Live It" with Mrs. Rasha Anwar explaining the Irlen Method for alliveating all symptoms associated with Irlen Syndrome.

Channel: Al Masriya -Egyptian Satelllite Channel

Language: Arabic

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